Targeted Workouts

Guided Interval Workouts

What’s a guided workout? It’s an interval workout tailored specifically to your current fitness level with intensity targets and pedal cadence targets on screen to tell you how hard to go and how fast to spin. It’s like having a personal trainer looking over your shoulder. Ride one of our FTP test workouts to establish your training zones and all 200–plus workouts will automatically adjust to your fitness level.

Easy Navigation

Intuitive Workout Organization

Workouts are organized in training zones and by streaming video categories to help you quickly find what you’re looking for. Filter workouts with a touch of a finger. You can organize each zone or category by Name, Duration, Intensity Factor (IF) and Training Stress Score (TSS) or use the search field.

Popup Instructions

Voice Cues, Alerts, and Popups

Voice over and event cues and popups tell you when your next interval changes is coming. The assistants screen gives you complete control over these workout extras. If a workout is too tough, the Difficulty Adjustment can be slid left or right to decrease or increase workout intensity levels by 1% increments.

History & Analysis

Review and Share Your Efforts

Kinetic Fit is tracking over 50 data points in each workout. Time-in-zone for heart rate and power, mean maximum power and ride totals are all at your finger tips. Data is broken down into individual intervals and ride totals and is available for review in History from any saved ride.

Workout files can be shared in a click to social media or automatically uploaded for analysis and sharing on pre-configured user accounts like Strava or Training Peaks.

Video with Workouts

Video Motivation Makes Time Fly

Want to watch a movie or a YouTube playlist while riding a workout? You have several options with the Kinetic Fit app from on-device video viewing from phone up to tablet to second screen viewing on a TV with a direct line or over WiFi with an Apple TV or Google Chromecast.

*Videos stored on devices must not be digital rights managed, must be MP4 format

  • YouTube – create a custom workout playlist
  • On-Device video – watch video from your device during a workout
  • Dropbox – upload and stream your own videos, with virtually limitless content storage
  • Sufferfest streaming – requires a subscription upgrade
  • Spinervals streaming – requires a subscription upgrade

Video Streaming

The Sufferfest and Spinervals Workouts

The Kinetic Fit app features workouts corresponding to The Sufferfest video series and select Spinervals videos. Start a workout, select a video and match the customized power and cadence targets on the screen! Video can be streamed with an added subscription package or viewed directly from a phone or tablet if you already own the video.

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